At River Glen School teachers in the fourth and fifth grades and in the middle school will often ask students to write a report, researching some of the information on the internet and using a graphic that they have found. In this tutorial, you will learn how to copy an picture or graphic off the internet and use it in a report that you are writing. You will also learn how to let the reader know the source of the graphic.
      In order to use this tutorial, you need to know how to use a mouse and be familiar with a computer keyboard. Because the image will be inserted into an Appleworks word processing document, you should be familiar with word processing on Appleworks. You should also be familiar with how to search for information on the Internet.

Getting Started
Let's say that your teacher has asked you to do a report on a castle. You decide to do it on Harlech Castle in Wales, because your grandmother was from Wales. You go to Google to look up Harlech Castle and find a great picture for your report. Go to Copy the Graphic to find out how to put the picture into your report.
copying a graphic button
Saving Your Graphic Button
   Using Your Graphic button
   Giving Credit button